Here are select columns and correspondence on issues impacting our legislative district and its citizens.

College Costs, Loan Forgiveness and Employment Options (10-20-22)

Financial and Emotional Theft (5-27-22)

Elder Care and Preventing Abuse (4-22-2022)

Addressing Traffic Congestion, Sinkholes in Lebanon County  (1-18-21)

Who Bears Financial Liability if a School District is Unable to Pay its Bills?  (5-1-2019)

Letter to President Trump regarding Stormwater MS4 Regulations  (4-6-2018)

Letter to PUC Demanding Tax Cuts be Passed on to Consumers  (3-22-2018)

Ryan Letter to Congress on Children with Disabilities  (11-21-2017)

IFO Response to School Property Taxes and Related Subjects  (11-6-2017)