Aug. 10, 2020

HARRISBURG – With most state agency’s office still closed in response to COVID-19, Reps. Frank Ryan (R-Lebanon) and Seth Grove (R- York) sent to the Office of Administration a letter requesting information in regard to residents having trouble contacting employees about core government services.

“Over the past two months our offices have interacted with constituents who often complain they cannot speak with anyone in our state agencies. These constituents are not among the hundreds who have and continue to contact us about unemployment issues. Rather these Pennsylvanians cannot get ahold of agencies such as PennDOT, Department of Revenue or are seeking occupational licenses and struggle to get a response from the respective board on their application,” Ryan and Grove wrote in the letter.

The representatives also note this problem is not isolated to his office, but is a problem happening across the Commonwealth.

The letter, dated Aug. 7, seeks answers to a series of questions about state employees who are working from home. It also raises questions about whether these valued workers were provided with the right tools to work from home.

A copy of the letter is attached.

Representative Seth Grove
Representative Frank Ryan
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Greg Gross