May. 27, 2020

HARRISBURG -- Rep. Frank Ryan (R-Lebanon) voted Tuesday in favor of a short-term state budget bill that will fund the Commonwealth into November, allowing lawmakers time to assess the fiscal realities of the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting statewide shutdown. After revenue figures are in this fall, lawmakers will work on another short-term plan to fund the balance of the fiscal year.

“This was a difficult decision for me, but I cast one of the deciding votes to advance this bill because it will afford our citizens peace of mind and some semblance of stability while our economy begins to rebound and citizens resume their normal lives,” said Ryan.

“The pandemic and the response to it has had a devastating impact on Pennsylvania residents and our economy. Because it would be nearly impossible to predict the long-term impact in time for the June 30 budget deadline, we acted on the advice of revenue experts to adopt two short-term plans for the next fiscal year. In five months, after we see how our economy and lives have stabilized, we will be able to review the remaining budget and determine our best path forward.”

The interim budget in House Bill 2387 proposes to spend approximately $25.8 billion, based on the current fiscal year budget. It would fully fund K-12 and higher education for the entire year so students will have the resources they need when they return to the classroom. It also ensures core government services will continue without interruption, and contains no broad-based tax increases.

“House Bill 2387 is a five-month budget, but it addresses key expenditures that have ramifications for our children, citizens and property owners, and it serves to relieve public anxiety during these stressful times,” said Ryan. “In the meantime, it is incumbent on the governor to re-open the Commonwealth with all due haste and subject to federal health and safety protocols to have any hope of getting out of this mess. For our economy to rebound, every worker must be essential. Our citizens are expecting us to restore their liberties and protect their freedoms. I trust those who elected me to help in the fight against COVID-19.”

The House passed House Bill 2387 by a vote of 103-99. It is now under consideration in the state Senate where a final vote is expected later this week.

Representative Frank Ryan
101st Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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