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Non-Civil Service Employment: New Website and Vacancy-Based Posting
On April 17, the Office of Administration, Bureau of State Employment launched a new version of its job website,, and implemented vacancy-based postings for open non-civil service positions. Vacancy-based postings make the hiring process more transparent to both applicants and hiring managers.

This initiative is part of the overall modernization and transformation of HR services within the commonwealth.

Constituents seeking non-civil service employment with the commonwealth will see the following benefits:

• Constituents will be applying for vacancies with clear descriptions of the type of work, position title and location. Previously, individuals had to apply to general job categories without knowing the exact position or if any openings were available.
• Individuals can utilize a new “Job Alert” feature to be automatically notified when new job openings become available in their selected fields of interest.
• The application process is mobile-enabled, allowing constituents to easily apply through their smartphones and other devices.
• State agency internship programs for high school, college and graduate students are now all accessible in one location. Previously they were dispersed across multiple websites.

The Office of Administration has notified all current account holders of these changes via email. They can continue to access their accounts using the user name and password they already created, but will need to reapply to specific job vacancies in order to continue their job search.
We are working with the Civil Service Commission to link to its website to view the full details of test announcements. This will allow applicants to view all non-civil service vacancy-based job postings, as well as civil service examinations, in one location.

We hope you find this information helpful as you assist your constituents in navigating the commonwealth hiring process. Our goal is to provide a more positive and user friendly experience that will attract more top talent into careers in public service.