Work Continues on Property Tax Elimination
Work Continues on Property Tax Elimination

The debate about property tax elimination continues in Harrisburg with our working group. We have had three meetings so far and two more scheduled as we sort through the various options. Our House Bill 13 is one of the bills being considered. As I have mentioned before, we are still in the public comment period for House Bill 13. We have made a number of minor technical corrections and I think we have found a way to provide relief for those retirees who do not qualify for Social Security so they will have the same deduction as someone receiving Social Security.

I recently appeared on CBS 21’s Face the State with Robb Hanrahan to talk about property taxes and the critical state of finances within the Commonwealth. See it here or by clicking inside the video box below.

Update on Route 422 sinkhole repairs

Work is progressing on Route 422 sinkhole repairs with completion and reopening still scheduled for November. We have had numerous meetings with PennDOT, the county, and local officials about the impact of the road closure and alternatives. It appears that any attempted relief will require legislation and I am working with the House Transportation Committee to see what is possible. I also talked with folks from the Palmyra Area Business Association (PABA) to get their input. I will keep you updated on any changes.

The Commonwealth, (and all states for that matter) have avoided dealing with sinkhole issues on the premise they are Acts of God. They typically claim sovereign immunity, meaning they cannot be sued. I believe government does bear some responsibility for addressing sinkholes when they occur. We will keep pushing. See recent activity at the site by PennDOT.
Stronger Together


It was quite an honor to participate in the second annual Lebanon Recovery Day at Monument Park. It was great to see the Jennifer Smith, Secretary of the PA Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs; Mayor Sherry Capello, Denise Eiceman and many other great friends helping support those working so diligently at recovery. In my remarks, I talked about the importance of hope and working to together with your support network, family and friends to get help. Most importantly, stay strong in your faith and take one day at a time. It is wonderful to see how much stronger we can grow together.
Patriot – Serving Our Community


I recently met a real patriot. Dave Smith of Palmyra visited and we discussed the great work he is doing with the Hershey Bears to honor veterans with engraved hockey sticks. Dave said he has presented hundreds of these hockey sticks to deserving veterans. We also discussed the treatment of Vietnam veterans upon their return from the war and how many were never thanked for their service to our nation. I expressed my appreciation for Dave’s work to help correct this. Semper Fi Dave! I am very proud of you my friend.